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Baby scan poster hits the streets!

Photo of the poster seen in Jamaica

Commuters across the country will be reminded of the real Christmas message when a high impact national advertising campaign rolls out in the next two weeks.

Posters provided by featuring an image of a ‘Baby Scan’ Jesus with a halo, and the words, ‘He’s on His Way – Christmas starts with Christ’, will appear on bus stops and billboards in towns and cities from 13th to 27th December.

Organisers behind the campaign are confident it will be effective, since recent research from a pilot campaign in Jamaica (pictured above) proved its success in raising awareness. People who had seen the poster later summed up its message as ‘Christ/God is coming soon.’

Francis Goodwin, the chair of, said: ‘The adverts have a powerful image with eight words that manage to communicate the unique combination of humanity and divinity that Jesus represents. This is a celebration of his birth and our objectives are simply to help people focus on the Christian message and story of the nativity. This follows on from our 19 year track record of producing Christian advertising.’

Church groups and individuals have been buying poster sites through the internet and donating to the national campaign which aims to see 2,000 billboards displaying the advert.

Francis explained: ‘At the moment we have funds for about half of the campaign, but donations and booking are still coming in and we are still hoping to hit our ambitious target. In addition to the paid-for media, we have also distributed 40,000 A3 window posters via The Universenewspaper and have radio adverts running on commercial stations nationally. This will be a very visible and audible campaign.’

This year two new 30 second radio adverts follow in the theme of four previous adverts from past years and tell the Christmas story in a modern setting. One takes the form of an airport announcement and the other an answerphone message left by Joseph…

Airport announcement
Joseph’s answerphone message

The adverts can be downloaded free from online and will be broadcast on national networks and some 20 plus local commercial radio stations in the run up to Christmas, with the backing of local church groups.

Although the main focus of the campaign is in the UK, there has been global interest and requests for posters and advice from the USA , Canada, Argentina, Jamaica, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Germany and Russia.

I am a member of ChurchAds.Net and I commend these posters and radio ads to you.


Tony is a Superintendent Methodist Minister, broadcaster and author. He is a radio presenter with Premier Christian Radio and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought (5.45 am). Tony is married with two children and four grandchildren.

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