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Jesus on myspace attracts thousands of visitors

I’m a member of the Churches Advertising Network, so I thought I’d share with our latest News Release: 

A webpage for Jesus on the personal blogging site myspace has attracted more than 60,000 visits since it was launched in September as part of the Churches Advertising Network (CAN) Christmas campaign.

CAN Chairman, Francis Goodwin said this new venture had been phenomenally successful, especially as a high proportion of the visitors to isthisjesus/myspace had clicked through to the rejesus website, with further information on the Christian faith and Jesus.  He said: “We’re really pleased with the results from this significant development onto the internet. The news that Jesus has his own myspace was greeted with great interest across the globe and myspace pages continue to be active with Jesus acquiring an average of 12 new friends per day.”

Some 62,313 unique views were recorded on isthisjesus for the Christmas campaign, with 2,235 friends of isthisjesus signed up.  Web browsers were also able to download posters linked to the campaign and MP3 files of the radio adverts. More than 1,000 posters were downloaded from isthisjesus and the CAN website, while 4,756 downloads were made of the radio adverts.

The myspace pages included a picture gallery, a blog and places for people to leave public and private messages.  This provided good qualitative evidence that the campaign stirred debate and got people thinking about their opinions and experiences of Jesus and God.

Some of the comments included:

“Of course God can be found today! Take one A level biology lesson and you’ll soon realise none of this was created by chance. I can look at a blade of grass and see God in it, so i’m glad people can now see him in pints. Love Sarah XXXX”

“i think it its a great advertisement i didn’t even know about it on here before now, i saw the actual campaign advert in essex yesterday and as soon as i got home i thought id check it out. P.S. God can be found today so long as u are open minded and take the effort to look for him. Peace x”

“I have been waiting for God to get e-mail but Jesus with myspace is almost as good!”  Sophie

“Hi Jesus. Big ups to your dad!! When will everything be alright? Everyone around me hurts.” Spawning

The CAN team is now working on plans for the 2007 campaign and hopes to build on the success of last year – continuing to stir debate and discussion on the Christian faith and in particular the person of Jesus.

Tony is a Superintendent Methodist Minister, broadcaster and author. He is a radio presenter with Premier Christian Radio and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought (5.45 am). Tony is married with two children and four grandchildren.

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