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Fix thou our steps, O Lord

Towards the light

Fix thou our steps, O Lord,
that we might we might stagger not at the uneven motions of the world,
but steadily go on to our glorious home;
neither censuring our journey by the weather we meet with,
nor turning our of the way for anything that befalls us.
The winds are often rough,
And our own weight presses us downwards.
Reach forth, O Lord, thy saving hand, and speedily deliver us.
Teach us, O Lord,
to use this transitory life as pilgrims returning for their beloved home;
that we may take what our journey requires,
and not think of settling in a foreign country. Amen.

John Wesley (1703-1791)

Tony is a Superintendent Methodist Minister, broadcaster and author. He is a radio presenter with Premier Christian Radio and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought (5.45 am). Tony is married with two children and four grandchildren.

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