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Another Day ….

Another day, another hour, another minute.
O God, how hard it is for me to get through this time.
Another day, another hour, another minute.
What a gift, gracious God, how shall I fill them?
Help me to see time as a gift from you.
May I look forward to each returning day, full of hope and anticipation.
And when I feel weary, and life is tough, and time drags,
may I remember that each moment is precious; that once it has gone it cannot be relived.
And at the end of each day, may I rejoice in all it has brought.
Each day, each hour, each moment, lived in your presence.  Amen

Copyright: Prayer by the Revd Anne Brown, Bedfordshire, Essex & Hertfordshire – Methodist District – Chair

Tony is a Superintendent Methodist Minister, broadcaster and author. He is a radio presenter with Premier Christian Radio and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought (5.45 am). Tony is married with two children and four grandchildren.

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