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Premier’s Big Breakfast, Saturday 4th December

This Saturday on the Big Breakfast I have DAPHINE AIKENS as a guest.  She is Hammersmith and Fulham’s foodbank manager.  While the idea of food parcels may have has echoes of Dickensian London, or a famine-struck corner of the developing world, we’ll be talking to Daphine from one of 75 Foodbanks in the UK, who says they’re becoming more common in 21st Century Britain.

Also I’m bracing myself for the arrival of my colleagues the REVD MARTIN TURNER & the REVD HOWARD MELLOR, who will be helping us get in a festive mood, talking about the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster’s, Carol service, and also telling us about a little booklet called ‘A Gift of Christmas’ and also about a free nativity script that’s available from the internet:

And finally, LIZZI VANDORPE, author of ‘The Blessings Book’ series will join me.  Lizzie had an experience that forced her to change her life and at the end of it all had a message from God to pass on her wisdom to others. On December 1st her on-line Christmas Blessings was launched and I’ll find out more about it.

Premier’s Big Breakfast is from 6am – 11am – and my special guests will be in between 8am and 11am.

You can find Premier on Medium Wave in London (1305, 1332, and 1432), nationally on DAB digital radio, and globally Online

Tony Miles

Tony is a Superintendent Methodist Minister, broadcaster and author. He is a radio presenter with Premier Christian Radio and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 2's Pause for Thought (5.45 am). Tony is married with two children and four grandchildren.

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