Tony Miles

Feed The Hungry – a prayer.

Jehovah-Jireh, our provider! Forgive us when we moan about the trivial and take so much for granted. We think we have little, and yet we are blessed with so much. Without thinking, we become indulgent and wasteful, when others are desperately hungry and poor. Remind us today of the plight of those who are out […]

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A Prayer For Those Enduring Floods, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes

Gracious and Compassionate God, like the disciples, we feel helpless in the face of ferocious storms. We cry out to You to help all whose homes and neighbourhoods that have been blown apart by hurricanes, washed away through torrential rain and flooding, or shattered by¬†earthquakes. May Jesus, with us in the midst of it all, […]

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